This week’s Borne the Battle features Army Veteran Greg Williams, who has over 30 years of experience  training the skills and techniques used to identify specific human behavior patterns. Over that time, he’s instructed every Tier One military force in the United States, as well as to various international organizations.

After serving six years in the Army, Williams transitioned to civilian life, working as an urban law enforcement professional. He discusses the specific skills and abilities he acquired while on the force and the limitations he faced while on duty.

In the episode, Williams talks about progressing from police work to training the Human Behavior Pattern Recognition Analysis technique. He breaks down the definition of human behavior pattern recognition, how it can be used to predict danger, what it takes to gain expertise in human behavior pattern recognition and the factors that influence behavior.

Williams decided to transfer the skills and abilities he learned to develop the world-renowned USMC’s highly successful and lifesaving Combat Hunter Program. He delves into the program’s history, its recruitment process, the high-profile endorsement he received, and what Marines can learn while taking the course. He talks about how human behavior is the foundation of many important programs. As a human behavior pattern recognition specialist, he explains how humans are the best part of the job – and the most challenging.

Later, he explains why gas stations are the most dangerous places in the world and the importance of using critical thinking when stopping for a fuel up. Williams also shares advice on how Veterans can start a career in human behavior pattern recognition.

In this episode:

  • His mentors and the lessons he learned while in the military.
  • The human pattern behavior recognition podcast he co-hosts.
  • Why it’s important to listen to Veterans’ personal stories and how to get involved in community programs for Veterans.

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