• June 1, 2017

    As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, VA held a #VeteranChat on Twitter to elevate the conversation about how to support Veterans’ mental health at transition points — like leaving military service, starting school, or entering the civilian workforce.

  • May 16, 2017

    The birth of a baby is a life-changing event that can trigger all kinds of emotions from happiness and joy to jitters and fear. It can also lead to something you might not expect — postpartum depression.

  • May 3, 2017

    What can a couple of Vietnam Vets do to help combat the high rate of Veteran suicide? Turns out, quite a bit. Straight Scoop for Vets and Friends raises public awareness, provides training and links Veterans to services throughout the state of New Mexico.

  • May 3, 2017

    VA recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month as an opportunity to raise public awareness and reduce the inaccurate and often damaging stereotypes associated with mental health conditions.

  • May 2, 2017

    Learn more about MST services available in the VA by speaking with your VA healthcare provider, contacting the MST Program Manager, or visiting your closest Vet Center.

  • April 26, 2017

    It will take us all – VA, DoD, for-profit, philanthropy – working together toward a common goal – to heal the invisible wounds of war.

  • April 19, 2017

    The Center for Women Veterans and VA Mental Health Services will partner during April to share how VA is engaging new voices and standing together to empower military sexual trauma survivors.

  • April 13, 2017

    The number of Veterans with co-morbid SUD and PTSD in VA care has risen over three-fold during the past 10 years, increasing the urgency to find effective methods of treatment.

  • April 3, 2017

    MST-related treatment is available at all VA medical facilities and all treatment for physical and mental health conditions related to experiences of MST is provided free of charge.

  • March 21, 2017

    Writing has therapeutic significance for Veterans with PTSD, be it factual or expressive in nature.

  • March 21, 2017

    We all want to reach millions with our story, but that's only so we can trust we reach the one that needs to hear it.

  • March 10, 2017

    Know that MST is an experience, not a diagnosis or a condition in and of itself. Veterans may react in a wide variety of ways and not every MST survivor will have long-term difficulties following the experience.