• Continue reading Fresh Focus S7 #37: Gardening: The more you grow, the healthier you eat

    October 23, 2021

    Gardening - Fresh Focus episode 37 where Marion VA Dietitian Nutritionist Loran shares her experience with growing colorful produce at home.

  • Continue reading Fresh Focus S7 #36: How to grow herbs on your own at home

    October 16, 2021

    This Fresh Focus episode regards herbs. Registered dietitian nutritionist Loran Morris hosts, with a guest appearance from her grandparents.

  • Continue reading Fresh Focus S7 #35: Tips and tricks to starting a garden

    September 25, 2021

    Do you ever seek out your family for advice? Our Fresh Focus Dietitians can help show you how to begin before you even pick up your plate.

  • Continue reading Fresh Focus S6 #34: Caregiver Support Program

    July 17, 2021

    During a nutrition assessment, your registered dietitian nutritionist will ask your Veteran a lot of questions, but also to you, the caregiver. Being a caregiver comes with a unique set of challenges and the Caregiver Support Program can help.

  • Continue reading Fresh Focus S6 #33: Caring for the mealtime giver

    July 8, 2021

    Families and caregivers are a Veteran’s support system and help to prevent or manage chronic illness with healthy eating. Nutritionists want to support you!

  • Continue reading Fresh Focus S6 #32: Lack of focus while eating

    July 3, 2021

    If you have ever been distracted while eating, you know how easy it can happen to any one of us. But when we're concerned when a loved one may not be eating enough, we want to focus on how to help them reduce distracted eating.

  • Continue reading Fresh Focus S6 #31: Speech Therapy

    June 26, 2021

    As a caregiver or someone in a Veteran’s support system, you may notice your loved one having difficulty chewing or swallowing certain food items. Although there are suggestions your VA Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will make, we often pair up with Speech Therapy for a comprehensive team approach.

  • Continue reading Fresh Focus S6 #30: Difficulty eating

    June 19, 2021

    Have ever been sitting at the kitchen table with your veteran loved one and notice they may be starting to have some difficulty feeding themselves?

  • Continue reading Fresh Focus S6 #29: Malnutrition

    June 14, 2021

    When people think of seeing a Registered Dietitian, they think of eating healthier or aiming to lose weight to meet a specific goal. However, for some of our Veterans, gaining too much weight is not their problem it is actually quite the opposite. When you go many days without eating enough, many changes occur inside your body. Your body will start to break down muscle and fat to use for energy. This can lead to a condition called malnutrition. 

  • Continue reading Standing Ready #5: Innovating volunteers

    June 2, 2021

    Volunteers have built communities of care and support and continue to meet the needs of Veterans. They are deeply rooted in our history. Hear how they have been shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Continue reading Fresh Focus #28: Personalizing your plate for weight loss

    May 26, 2021

    In episode 28 of the Fresh Focus Podcast, we are continuing to celebrate National Nutrition Month® and talking specifics on how to “personalize your plate” if weight loss is a goal of yours.

  • Continue reading Fresh Focus #27: Eat to support a healthy heart

    May 22, 2021

    This year, National Nutrition Month® explores how to “personalize your plate” to fit your own goals, and in this Fresh Focus Podcast episode we emphasize personalizing your plate to support a healthy heart.