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Responding to disasters and preparing our kids for a brighter future

August 4th, 2021|

Disasters can leave children and teens frightened, confused and insecure. They cannot adjust on their own when the people, places and routines they depend on for safety and wellbeing are affected by upheaval. Here's how to help them when disaster strikes.

New scanning technology could help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease using light

August 4th, 2021|

This scanning method could become a simple, completely non-invasive method of early Alzheimer’s detection, according to the researchers, and also has potential as a way to assess the effectiveness of treatment.

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VA to start processing disability claims for certain conditions related to particulate matter

VA will begin processing disability claims Aug. 2 for asthma, rhinitis and sinusitis on a presumptive basis based on presumed particulate matter exposures during military service in Southwest Asia and certain other areas — if these conditions manifested within 10 years of a qualifying period of military service.

August 2nd, 2021|
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