New financial tool provides Veterans more control and transparency


Any Veteran with a debt related to VA benefits can now access their debt information online using a new debt management tool. VA’s Office of Information and Technology (OIT) launched the digital tool to make it easier for Veterans to manage their debt. When a Veteran logs onto the tool using their log-in information, they can download their debt notification letter and easily access:

  • Their current and historical debt.
  • Their balance.
  • Status.

Veterans can also use the tool to access existing payment options available by clicking on the “How do I pay VA debt related to disability, education, home loan, or pension benefits” drop-down menu. In addition, Veterans can also use the tool to find information about available flexible repayment options and what to do if they disagree with the debt.

VA’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Charles Worthington applauded the developers who collaborated to bring this innovative digital solution to deployment.

“At VA, our number one priority is delivering excellent customer service to our Veterans,” he said. “It has been incredible to see VA staff from across the agency come together and quickly deliver creative solutions to new problems. The development and deployment of the debt management portal is a great example of VA’s commitment to using new technologies to improve our services.”

Prior to the tool’s launch, the only way in which a Veteran learned of their debt was through a debt notification letter. To avoid the potential for a Veteran to suffer adverse action with regard to their debt by relying solely on paper notifications, the online tool means Veterans can view the status of their debt anytime.

The financial management tool is a result of OIT’s work aligned to the Benefits and Transactions Act of 2018, in which VA was charged with developing a way for Veterans to access their debt information electronically. Working closely with VA’s Debt Management Center, OIT began developing the online tool to deliver the most value to Veterans and fulfill the requirements of the legislation. OIT used human-centered design to develop the digital tool and tested it directly with Veterans to ensure that it met Veterans’ real-life needs.

Since launching, 46,000 Veterans have used the debt management tool to view their debt information. As usage of the tool continues to grow, the Office of the CTO will monitor performance and feedback and will update the tool’s features as needed. The development and launch of the debt management tool is another way VA is reaffirming our commitment to provide Veterans an exceptional customer experience.

VA’s Office of Information and Technology (OIT), Washington, D.C. OIT is always seeking to improve customer service to ensure VA consistently delivers exceptional customer service to our Veterans.


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  1. Wayne Orkin    

    How do I go about requesting a refund of prescription co-pays that were made between December 2020 and February 2021?

  2. Rigo Cisneros    

    It might be webpage design or your browsers, but the words “debt management tool” should appear in a different color as it is actually a link. It would be best if it was underlined so it can be more easily recognized, but it’s there.

  3. Christina M Boles    

    I tried to use the link and it kept telling me the phone number I provided is no good and when I went the other way to confirm my info it tells me there’s a problem I’ve used the system to pay my copay and went through the same thing it took several days to actually pay my bills how will this be taken care of

  4. G Huerta    

    It worked for me. I had to be logged in through the DS-Login. It showed no debt.

    1. Rigo Cisneros    

      That’s going to be my only hope. The Myhealthyvet WON’T send me the stupid confirmation email and the is about to give me an aneurysm with all the damn questions they want answered or documents uploaded.

  5. Jaime Vizcarrondo    

    Please stop posting these articles this way. The article’s format is outdated. It only tells you there’s a tool to help manage your debt.

    We’re in a tech-savvy world, and putting a workable link into the article would help. It doesn’t help to brag about the program and you don’t know where (online) it is. Thanks

  6. JC    

    Not much professional thought went into getting this article out!

  7. Gloria Delores Clark    

    Yo keep saying the tool is in the first sentence, but it is not. What is the first sentence.

  8. Justin Chae    

    To the Editor,

    The debt tool does not seem to be active at this link:

    After logging into the system, the debt management tool at the preceeding link leads to a button called “Manage your VA debt” that disapears after clicking on it.

    Although, there does seem to be actual site to make debt payments at the following link:

    1. Jaime Vizcarrondo    

      Thanks for the link! Such a huge oversight on the article.

  9. Tasha Brown    

    The link leads to nothing.

  10. Edmundo Rangel    

    Where is the tool to use this feature?

    [Editor: The tool is linked in the first sentence.]

  11. William C Dietrich    

    What good is to tell us about a fantastic tool and not tell us how to access it?

    [Editor: The tool is linked in the first sentence.]

  12. Rudolph R Brown    

    Trying to check my RX bill

  13. Richard Stark    

    I can not find the tool. Did you hide it ?

    [Editor: The tool is linked in the first sentence.]

  14. Dave Kuitunen    

    Where is the tool to use?

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